Series 7i -Twin Gun (7.2 kW each) Charger

The Blink Series 7 Twin Gun EV Charger comes with a dual-port design to charge 2 Electric 4-Wheelers at the same time using Type 2 IEC 62196 plugs. They are fast Level 2 AC chargers featuring up to 32 amps of power to get your vehicles on the road quickly. . The NEMA 3R outdoor-rated enclosure allows flexible installation options, indoors or outdoors, with a compact form that allows for ideal placement, mounted on a wall or pedestal. Standard 18-foot charging cables (or the optional 25-foot upgrade) can reach around any vehicle or between parking spaces. When connected to the Blink Network over 4G LTE they are unlocked to allow for advanced charger management capabilities such as the groups feature with customized charging policies, remote monitoring with 99% uptime, and 24/7 customer support for employees or residents.

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Blink Series 7 EV Charging Station Fleet and Multiunit