Electric Vehicle Ownership Experience in India: Real-Life Stories and Testimonials


The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is making significant strides in India, as individuals across the country make the switch to cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation. In this blog, we’ll delve into the personal experiences and testimonials of some Indian electric vehicle owners, shedding light on their driving satisfaction, challenges faced, and hopes for the future of electric mobility in the country.


Performance and Driving Experience: A Smooth Transition

Many EV owners find the performance of their electric vehicles to be a pleasant surprise. In comparison to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, EVs often offer a smoother and quieter ride. Gayathri, a proud EV owner, rates her electric vehicle’s performance higher than traditional vehicles. She emphasizes the stability and safety of the experience, indicating that her journey is not only eco-friendly but also remarkably comfortable. Jerin, another Electric 2-Wheeler user reports that his Ather EV performance is comparable to a 200cc bike, although he points out challenges like limited charging stations and noise issues during rainy seasons.


Top Features and Aspects of Electric Vehicles

The transition to electric vehicles brings with it a host of unique features that resonate with Indian EV owners. The smart experience, as highlighted by Jerin, adds a touch of convenience to daily commutes. Integrated maps for navigation and logs of distance travelled offer valuable insights into driving habits. Auto-hold features, and reverse functionality are standout aspects, making manoeuvres and tackling slopes more manageable, as appreciated by Jerin and Gayathri.


Charging and Home Setup

Home charging setups vary among EV owners. While some, like Gayathri, have the luxury of charging at their workplace for free, others rely on home charging stations. The availability of such options showcases the growing infrastructure that caters to EV owners’ needs, making the transition to electric vehicles more feasible.


Promoting Widespread Adoption: Pros and Cons

Indian EV owners often play the role of advocates, sharing their experiences with friends and family. However, recommendations come with caveats. The limited driving range of some EVs, as mentioned by Naveen, can be a deterrent for those who frequently travel long distances. This highlights the importance of improving battery technology and charging infrastructure to address range anxiety.


Challenges and Drawbacks

While the EV experience has numerous positives, it’s not without its challenges. Some owners, like Naveen, point out the insufficient number of charging stations and the need for more fast chargers. Others, such as Gayathri, who undertakes road trips, navigate the challenge of planning routes and charging stops strategically. Noise issues during rainy seasons and the cost of battery replacements are challenges noted by other owners.


Government Incentives and Future Improvements

Government incentives and tax benefits have provided some relief for EV owners. Despite this, the need for improvement remains. Naveen suggests, decreasing vehicle costs, expanding charging infrastructure, and introducing EV models with enhanced battery capacities are crucial steps to drive widespread adoption.


Reliability and After-Sales Service

The reliability and after-sales service provided by manufacturers play a significant role in shaping EV owners’ opinions. Some, like Nimisha, are content with the quality of their EV, while others express concerns about battery performance degradation and the associated service experiences.


A Glimpse into the Future

The journey of electric vehicle ownership in India is characterised by a mix of optimism and realism. EV owners appreciate the benefits of eco-friendly transportation, innovative features, and lower operating costs. However, challenges such as limited driving range, charging infrastructure, and after-sales service must be addressed for the electric vehicle market to reach its full potential.


Recommendations for Widespread Adoption

Collectively, the EV owners share insights into the challenges and opportunities of the Indian EV market. Their suggestions encompass reducing vehicle costs, enhancing charging infrastructure, introducing higher-capacity battery models, and proactive employer initiatives to promote adoption.



The real-life stories and testimonials of Indian electric vehicle owners provide a window into the current state of EV adoption in the country. Their experiences reflect the transformative impact of EVs on daily commutes, environmental consciousness, and the vision for a sustainable future. As the Indian electric vehicle market continues to mature, these stories play a crucial role in informing manufacturers, policymakers, and consumers about the evolving landscape and the necessary steps to promote more widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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